Blogger To WordPress Migration – An Experience To Remember

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Finally it’s done, I have migrated from Blogger to WordPress. So welcome to the WordPress version of All Stuff Codes. :)
But the experience of making the switch hasn’t been as good as the smiley that I used just now. To put it shortly, it was a horrible experience, mainly due to some settings on Blogger, but I did learn a lot of things.

Blogger To WordPress migration how to

Blogger To WordPress

What Made Me Switch?

Right from the beginning, I was not happy with blogger. I have already said that in a post 4 Things I wish Blogger had. Most of the blogs that I visit are on WordPress, so this made me more “jealous”. I was considering a switch for many days, and was constantly keeping an eye on the Hostgator and Go Daddy discount coupons. Finally I saw a great offer from Go daddy which I couldn’t resist anymore, and jumped into the WordPress bandwagon. Another reason for choosing Go Daddy is that they accept Indian debit cards.

Changing Domain And Host Settings

Since I already had my domain with Go Daddy, I thought linking it with the hosting account will be easy. So after linking it, I let Go Daddy handle the nameservers and other stuff for me. After a few minutes I received an email that everything has been setup. I went on to install WordPress, which took only 2 minutes. Going smoothly huh? Just wait …

When I tried to login to my WordPress dashboard, instead of showing the login page, it was taking me to my old Blogger blog. Okay fine! Domain propagation can take some time (maximum 48 hours), so I thought of being patient.

After 2 hours, my patience vanished. I started searching Google for some solution. Thankfully Go Daddy’s forum had a solution to this. My domain’s A(Host) was still pointing to Google servers of my Blogger blog. So I changed it to point to my host’s IP address. But still no result. The domain was still taking me to my Blogger blog instead of the newly installed WordPress blog.

After 30 minutes I went to my Blogger dashboard and DISABLED the redirection from the non-www version to the www version of my domain. And it did solve half of the problem. Now my non-www version takes to me the WordPress login page. But the www still points to the Blogger blog.  I tried adding the following code to the .htaccess file, but that didn’t work too. (I replaced my domain with

rewriteengine on
rewritecond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
rewriterule ^(.*)$ “http\:\/\/yourdomain\.com\/$1″ [R=301,L]

Okay so now I had to contact their support. I have heard a lot of negative feedback about Go Daddy’s support. But in my case, they did a pretty nice job. I got a reply within 20 minutes. The support guy told me that I had to change the CNAME of my domain. The www record in the CNAME was still pointing to the Google servers. So I changed it and made it point to “@” (which means the host server). And voila!! After some minutes, even the www version was pointing to my WordPress blog. So I did it, with some help from the support guy.


Importing From Blogger

The first thing I did was to import my blogger blog. Tools –> Import ,and then I selected Blogger. I had to install a small plugin for this. And after authorizing the plugin to access my Google account, my blog was imported within 5 minutes. But since I was using Intense Debate comment system, comments were not imported. Fortunately, there’s a plugin to importt Intense Debate comments to WordPress, Intense Debate XML Importer(Blogger -> WordPress). It did a pretty decent job of importing about 70% of the comments (I did lose the remaining).

Setting Up The Blog

After the import was done, I had to make sure that I don’t lose any of the previous traffic that I was getting, specially the organic traffic. So I went to Settings –> Permalinks, and inserted the following in the custom option.


Permalink Settings For Blogger to WordPress Migration

Permalink Settings

But this didn’t solve my problem, as I had changed many of the permalinks in Blogger. I had to change the links of all the 35 posts manually (just imagine if I had 100+ posts). So now I  at least I made sure that I don’t lose any traffic.

Plugins I Am Using

Just thought of sharing some of the plugins I am currently using. I would like to get some suggestions if you have any.

SEO – WordPress SEO by Yoast (preferred this to All In One SEO)

For comments – CommentLuv

Contact form – Contact Form 7

Social sharing buttons – Flare

Mobile version – WPTouch

Some others – Google Analytics for WordPress, Akismet, Broken Link Checker, Fancier Author Box.

Over To You

Are you on Blogger or WordPress? If on Blogger, do you have any plan to migrate to WordPress? I can tell you one thing, WordPress is a completely new experience which you will enjoy for sure.
For those who are already on WordPress, do suggest some good plugins if you are using any.

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