Are You A Commenting Flop Star?

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Commenting is a great way to build traffic, network with other bloggers, add value to the community and become an authority. I have already written a post about the benefits of commenting before. Just now I read a beautiful post by  Jens-Petter Berget (@berget) about why do we want more comments.

I love commenting on other blogs. And I make sure that I leave a “good” comment on other blogs. But on reading some comments on my blog, and on other blogs, I noticed that there are some things that need to be strictly avoided when commenting. What are those?

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Well I am coming to that later. Before that, I would like to introduce my new commenting policy on this blog. Don’t get me wrong. I love to get comments on my blog. In fact, check out the posts on Lisa’s blog Inspire To Thrive and Adrienne’s blog Apart from the number of comments, also check out the quality of comments. Each and every comment adds some value to the discussion. I dream of getting those many quality comments here, and maybe someday I will get.  :P

So why the commenting policy? Simply because I want quality comments here, which can add some value to the discussions. I do get quality comments here from my regular readers, so YOU my regular readers can just ignore this part because you always add value to this blog. You can find the policy just below the comment form.

Anyway, now back to the topic. As I said, some things must be avoided while commenting in order to to be a commenting rock-star.  Otherwise, you are a flop-star, and your comments hamper your reputation as a blogger.So here are a few points of how not to comment on blogs.

Not Using Your Name

You should always comment with your name, at least your first name (I do that). Using your blog’s name doesn’t look good, and should be avoided. Many blog owners won’t even approve you comment if you don’t use your name. If you have to use keywords along with your names, then check for some CommentLuv+ enabled blogs which allow that after a specific number of approved comments.

 Using The Default Picture

Don’t you want to show your face? I guess you do. All the commenting systems including Blogger, WordPress, Disqus, Intense Debate shows the picture of the commentator. Disqus and Blogger use the picture you have on your account. Intense Debate use either your’s picture or your ID’s picture. For blogs, you need to get a Gravatar.

One Liners

Nothing to say? Then it’s better not to comment instead of just commenting “nice post” or “awesome”. These kind of comments not only hurt your reputation, but also hurt the reputation of the blog if the owner approves them. I did approve some in the beginning, but now the minimum number of characters in your comment should be 70 (which will be like one full line).

Links In Your Comment

This is a clear no-no. On most blogs, your comment will go straight into the spam box if you leave a link in your comment (here too). In some rare cases if it’s really very necessary to refer to some articles, only then leaving a link is accepted.

Asking For A Visit Back

I have seen this on some blogs. The commentator asks the blog owner to visit his site back in return. Now if the post is not a promotional one (what’s a promotional post? Check this out), then I think this is a very unprofessional way. Asking for help is always welcome, but it should be done in a good way.

Being Rude

But don’t  confuse rudeness with disagreement. You may not always agree to what the author has to say. But you should show your disagreement in a polite manner. You can use phrases like “I would beg to disagree with you”, “Pardon me, but I don’t think I quite agree with you” etc. AND PLEASE DON’T WRITE ANYTHING IN ALL CAPS, IT MEANS YOU ARE SHOUTING AT THE AUTHOR. Do I need to explain this? It also looks illegible. So always check your caps.

Another Small Tip

Try to get back to the blog for the second time when your comment gets a reply and check to see if the author has asked you anything or not. I know this is not always possible, but many blogs notify you via email that your comment has got e reply. Do visit the blog at that time. It gives another chance of starting a conversation.

Anyway, that’s it from my side. Now over to you. Anything more to add to this? Do you do any of these mistakes? Oh one more thing. Do you think that I (Sourav) do any of these things when leaving a comment on your blog? Be true. :)


By the way, did you see this on your Facebook accounts? Stickers are now available on the desktop version too. Yeah I am a bit late to post this, but just posting it in case you didn’t notice it.

Facebook Stickers Desktop

Fascebook Stickers

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