Want To Say The Same Thing? Add Some Twist

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Yesterday I was discussing with my friend about creativity and originality. At the end of it, we came to the conclusion that we don’t have to create a completely new item in order to be creative. 

Have Your Own Blogging Voice

From my experience in blogging, I can say that this is applicable for blogging also, specially in a congested niche that I am in. There are so many bloggers who blog about blogging, social media, SEO, traffic generation etc etc, as I do. So in order to be successful, I really need to stand out. And the best way to do so is by having a UNIQUE VOICE. 

Well no no! I am not talking about my singing voice. I am not even a bathroom singer. Here, I am referring to the writing style.

As I said previously, some niches are really very crowded with too many bloggers writing about the same thing. This creates a problem. If you want to write something on a topic, hundreds of articles have already been written on that same topic. 

So does that mean that you shouldn’t write about that topic? Or you have to come up with new unique ideas all the time to write a blog post? No, it’s NOT.

You can write on the same topic, but by adding your own spices to make the recipe stand out. That’s what I have been trying to do on this blog. You can see ,many articles here that were also covered on other blogs, like how to get quality Twitter followers, what not to do on Twitter, why you should use Google Plus. But I have written these posts from my experience, from my own point of view (PoV). So it’s very likely that you will find some points on my posts that have not been mentioned anywhere else.

Now is this unethical? Is this plagiarism? Will I be punished by Google? 

If you ask me, then I will say that it is not unethical. Come on! There are so many articles written on the same topic. that doesn’t mean it’s plagiarism when the actual content and the writing style is different.

If you got the idea for your article after reading another article, then it’s a good gesture to give some credit to that post. This is also make the Google animals happy, and there’s less risk of being penalised by them, as you are linking out to a relevant article.

Over To You

What are your thoughts about this? Do you follow this strategy? Or do you disagree with me on any of the things that I have mentioned? Feel free to share your views. 

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