A Beginner’s Guide To Get Quality Twitter Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Since I have been posting a lot about Twitter, Vijay Prabhu of Comboupdates requested me to make a post about some tips on how gain followers on Twitter. Now I myself am a beginner, so I just thought of writing my experience and what I did to gain some exposure on Twitter. Thank you Vijay ji for the idea.

Twitter Follow Me

On my previous article about what’s the best follow-back policy on Twitter, one thing was very clear to me, that even for a new account, quality is much more important than quantity. And it’s very true. Even if you have 10000 followers, but no one engages with your tweets, then those 10K followers are useless. So it’s better to have followers who are actually interested in your tweets.

Anyway, after writing my article, while I was  searching for a suitable image, I stumbled upon this awesome infographics by Garin Kilpatrick of Twitter Tools Book. Even the infographic has some advanced tips too, I am still sharing it after these points.

Remove The Egg Head And Optimize Your Bio

The first thing you need to do is get a good profile picture, preferably of your face. If you are a beginner, it’s better to have a personal twitter account if your brand is not already a popular one.

Why I am saying this? Read Lisa Buben’s post Your Profile A Face Or A Logo Which Comes First ?

Then your bio on Twitter needs to be kick-a** so as to grab the attention of a person who is visiting your profile.

Follow The Leaders and Others In Your Niche

This is quite self-explanatory. When you are visiting their blogs, go to their social profiles and start following them. Check out the suggestions given by Twitter, and follow those people if they interest you. 

Share Their Stuff

This is really important. If you are only self-promoting, people will unfollow you on Twitter. Experienced users follow a 80-20 rule about sharing, ie, 80% of the tweets are about other’s stuff, 20% self promotion.
This will get the attention of those people whose stuff you are sharing, and there’s every chance that they will follow you back.

Keep a “Follow Me” Button On Your Blog

Give your readers a chance to follow you. Let them know that you are on Twitter. 

Install a Tweet Button On Your Blog

Let your users easily share your content by tweeting it. This gives your profile more exposure. Optimize the button so that “via @username” is automatically added to the tweet. I see many blogs without this. I personally take the trouble to add it sometimes, but there’s no guarantee that everyone will do that. 

Engage Engage And Engage With Others

Engagement is the most important thing on any social media site. The more you do, the more authority you gain. 

Link Your Twitter Account From Other Accounts

Quite self explanatory again. All social networks including Facebook allow you to link to your Twitter account on your about page. Do it, it works. 

Tweet More And More, Because Twitter Is For Tweeting

If you are inactive on Twitter, you won’t get any followers. Simple. So tweet more often, at least 10-15 tweets a day. But keep in mind that you should not look like a spammer. If you are wary about that, use something like Buffer to schedule your tweets properly.  

Start Using Hashtags Properly

This won’t work all the time, but if you use some popular hashtags in your tweets, you will get some more exposure, specially if it’s about a trending topic.

Unfollow Uninteresting People

After a week or so, use a tool like Manage Flitter or Commun It to check which people are adding no value to your Twitter feed (like inactive ones or spammers). Unfollow them. This will bring down the following : follower ratio. 

Make use of Follow Fridays #FF

Well even though Follow Fridays are not so important nowadays, but you can still use it to your advantage. If you can build up a good relation with an experienced user, he/she might feature you in a #FF. That will give you some good followers.
On the other hand, you yourself can also do a #FF if you have build up a little fan base. But do it properly. When featuring someone, give a little description of that person in that tweet. Don’t just shoot out 5-6 mentions in a single tweet. 

Create Missions On Empire Avenue

If you don’t know what Empire Avenue is, check it out. it is like a stock trading game where your stock prices depend on your activity on different social media sites. You can also create missions in exchange of the virtual currency. So create missions and tell people to follow you on Twitter. 

Tweet Sensible Stuff

Finally, and most importantly, tweet something which others will find useful. If you tweet useless stuff, people won’t follow you. 

Okay so those were my tips. And now the infographic. Even though I changed one or two of my points according to the infographic, but still it is much different than my points. So here it goes (click on it to enlarge) …

NOTE : I myself do not agree to some points mentioned on the Infographic. For example, buying of Twitter followers is not advisable. 

Infographic - How To Get More Twitter Followers
Credit already given above
So what are your thoughts about this?Share your experience.  
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